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About Lara

Heal yourself and you can heal the world.

Lara created Illuminate Life to represent her services. She specializes in ThetaHealing®, but also offers Energy and Sound Healing. Lara is constantly in awe of the powerful transformations she witnesses in her clients.

Each healing modality is a little different, and with ThetaHealing®, Lara helps clients rewire their brain to create new neural pathways and break up the patterns of old beliefs. With Energy or Sound Healing, she offers a relaxing and rejuvenating session to calm the senses and rejuvenate the nervous system. Each session is tailored to your needs.


You can enjoy her services individually or in groups.


Lara's knowledge and style, hopes to enhance your transformative journey. Based in Long Beach, California. Offers Remote services internationally.

About Lara

Lara Arguijo is a Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner/Instructor, Sound Healer and Reiki Practitioner. Self-healing was always a passion for Lara. Throughout her own healing journey she experienced such deep immediate changes after using ThetaHealing® techniques. As she saw her personal changes drastically affecting her family, friends, and career in positive ways, she realized she wanted to share this with her community. Lara is certified as a ThetaHealing® Instructor. She certifies other awakened masters in becoming ThetaHealers® themselves.

Becoming a Sound and Energy Healer was a perfect fit for Lara's lifelong abilities! She loves music and knows the power it has to heal and calm the nervous system. Lara believes strongly when we heal ourselves we can heal those around us, including the world. She is blessed to offer you her services and walk with you on this healing path.

“In this human race, we only win when the last one crosses.” –Lara Arguijo​
Illuminating Your Life
can mean a lot of different things.

While every person's journey is unique, we notice that doing this work can create amazing, significant changes in your life and open you up to newer and bigger possibilities. We invite you to believe that you are capable of:

  1. Creating miracles in your life

  2. Removing limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns 

  3. Cultivating higher consciousness and mindfulness in all aspects of your life

  4. Manifesting more quickly and easily

  5. Witnessing magical occurrences or changes in your life 

  6. Healing past lives and ancestral trauma

  7. Clearing karma, curses and beliefs that are currently creating physical ailments and energy blocks

  8. Believing in and knowing how to create your life and make your dreams a reality

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