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All services require an appointment. Sessions are conducted either remotely on the phone/online or in person in Long Beach, California.


To book, please contact Lara via email at Thank you!


For Individuals, By Appointment

Lara will guide you to a Theta brainwave state, which allows us to access limiting beliefs stored in the subconscious and replace them with positive beliefs. This technique is also used to heal ancestral trauma and past lives. Using a quantum physics theory, Lara witnesses the healing for you, making it a reality in your life. This technique is life changing, deeply healing and re-creates positive thought patterns to help you live a more joyful way of life.

2 hours  | $290 Remote | $330 In-Person
1.5 hour | $220 Remote | $250 In-Person
1 hour    | $150 Remote | $175 In-person

Package: 3 sessions (1 hour each) :
$420 Remote  | $500 In-Person

Sound Healing and Meditation

For Individuals, Couples and Small Groups, By Appointment

Lara will guide you through a meditation of your choice (to meet your higher self, meet your angels, Chakra healing) while you are surrounded by deeply healing sound vibrations from crystal bowls, drums, chimes, tuning forks or didgeridoo.

60 minutes | $175 *Individual/couples

Please inquire for small group pricing

Reiki Treatment

For Individuals, By Appointment

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. As a Reiki practitioner, Lara connects to  a "universal energy" and transfers it through the palms, eyes, or breath to you in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. Reiki decreases stress and creates a feeling of peace while improving the flow of energy through your physical and energy body. May be done individually or combined with ThetaHealing® or Sound Healing session.

2 hours  | $290 Remote | $330 In-Person
1.5 hour | $220 Remote | $250 In-Person

1 hour    | $150 Remote | $175 In-person

Package: 3 sessions (1 hour each) :
$420 Remote  | $500 In-Person

Crystal Ball
Past Life Crystal Grid Session

For Individuals, By Appointment

After some discussion of the process, Lara will set crystals and stones in a specific grid around and on your body. She will guide you to a Theta brain wave state and then take you through 1-2 past lives. During this process, you will remember events that helped you learn virtues that may not have fully carried forward to this life. This session will assist you in bringing those virtues through to this life while offering healing to your past life and this life simultaneously. 

60 minutes | $150 Remote  | $175 In-Person

Sleeping Kitten
Animal Healing 

For Individuals. By Appointment

These sessions are so beautiful! Animals are our healers and when we can offer that healing back to them, it is such a gift. These sessions include Lara in a “Theta” state meeting your animal’s higher self and removing negative energies, downloading the animal with unconditional love and healing energies, balancing their chakras and then asking your animal if they have any messages for you.

60 min. | $100 Remote | $120 In-person

House Blessing

By Appointment

Lara will discuss with you any concerns you have about your home, or energies in the home, and then clear the space energetically. If in person, Lara may use sage or palo santo spray. Lastly, since objects hold vibrations, Lara will download your home with how you want it to feel (examples: couch with comfort, floors with stability and laughter, dining table with love and nourishment for you and your family, walls with safety and support, etc.).

$150 | 50 minutes Remote
$200 | 60 min. In-Person. Please Inquire for additional cost for distances.

Private Group Events

For Individuals, Couples and Small Groups, By Appointment

Lara has brought a unique and memorable twist to bridal showers, baby showers, work appreciation events and birthday parties by offering group or individual guided meditations, theta healing, Cacao ceremony, Energy and/or sound healings. Lara will discuss with you what you want to offer your guests in detail prior to the event. 

Prices vary. Please Inquire

ThetaHealing® Certification Courses

For Groups, Advance Notice Required

Basic DNA (3 days)

Via Zoom or in-person


Advanced DNA (3 days)

Via Zoom or in-person


Dig Deeper (2 days)

Via Zoom or in-person

Manifesting and Abundance (2 days)

Via Zoom or in-person

Soulmates (2 days)

VIa Zoom or in-person

Animal Healing 1/2 day

Via Zoom or in-person

Rhythm to a perfect weight 1/2 day

Via Zoom or in-person

Prices vary.

Reiki Sound Healing Session

For Individuals, By Appointment

Reiki and Sound Healing combination is available. Please contact for details

60 minutes | $175*
*price for Lara only, if another practitioner is added, price depends upon other practitioner.

Massage with Sound Healing

For Individuals, By Appointment

During your customized 60 minute massage with Sanja @ Kevala Wellness, you will enjoy a Sound Healing using different healing instruments (eg., crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, drums and/or tuning forks). Sound Healing can raise your energetic vibration, provide peace and calm, reduce stress, decrease anxiety,  improve memory and reduce blood pressure.

60 minutes | $175* for Lara to provide Sound Healing. Massage will vary on Sanja's pricing.

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