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We are more than happy to bring this work to your organization or healing center. Please contact us if you are interested in bringing sound healing, meditation or ThetaHealing® to your workplace or center. 


"I met Lara in October 2020, for my first online Theta Healing course. Lara lights up the room in a way that makes you feel safe to learn, explore and expand with Creator. I have now taken 5 more courses w/ Lara. I love ThetaHealing! I continue 1:1 sessions with Lara over the phone for the past 3 years." -A.R

"Lara's guidance through ThetaHealing has helped me tremendously and I'm so grateful I asked Universe for guidance and therefore Lara came into my journey. I have also taken Basic DNA ThetaHealing class w/ Lara and I'm now more confident in my healing journey." -V.A

"Holy Shit! Wow!" -Danielle, after her first session.

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